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Posted by Marty Party on September 13, 2009

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Van Halen is in the news again for reasons that may not please them very much – to say nothing of their fans. According to the Wall Street Journal, the group became involved in Ticketmaster’s efforts during 2007 to increase their profits by teaming up with ticket brokers (also known as “scalpers”) . It was also reported to be an effort by Ticketmaster to thwart concert prompter Live Nation’s plans to enter the ticket business.

Ticketmaster’s CEO, Irving Azoff, also happened to be managing Van Halen, which created an opportunity for Ticketmaster to test their new strategy. During the fall of 2007, as many as 500 of the best seats for 20 Van Halen shows were not offered on the Ticketmaster system and were passed on to the brokers for sale to the public.

The brokers were able to keep 30% of the inflated price of the tickets they were allotted while the remaining 70% was shared between Ticketmaster, Van Halen, and their organization. The band reportedly netted at least an extra $1 million as a result. There was nobody available for comment from the Van Halen camp.

Since then Ticketmaster has decided they didn’t care to share a bed with the brokers and have decided to go to war against them instead, using new software that it hopes will make life difficult for them by blocking automated processes that some brokers use to obtain tickets in the highly competitive online grab for tickets the second they are made available for sale.

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Posted by Marty Party on

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Having rocked their way through four summer tours over the last four years, it sounds as if British rockers Def Leppard may be ready to take a little time off and concentrate on other activities for a while.

Frontman Joe Elliott sums up the situation by saying, “This will be our fifth year in a row where we’ve toured the summer in the states, and I seriously do think that it’s time for us to not do it next year, because I’m a firm believer in you don’t want to do it too much — people start taking you for granted.”

The group has toured in recent years with a diverse group of acts including, Journey, Foreigner and Bryan Adams, which likely created a nostalgic blend for middle-aged concert goers who can remember cruising in their cars a couple of decades ago with the sounds of these bands blaring from their stereos.Def Leppard

As for the group’s decision to team up with Poison for this year’s tour after a public spat between the two groups a while back, it was kind of a surprise to hear that they would be sharing a stage this summer. According to Elliott, however, the whole incident was a misunderstanding that was sparked by something that was taken out of context by a foreign journalist, and Poison’s Bret Michaels, who was in the center of the controversy, understands that.

Def Leppard’s decision to take a break from touring may not be all bad for dedicated fans. Elliott says he may use the time off to write some music and begin making preparations for a new album. This is probably due to his desire to keep moving the group forward and making new music.

“I can’t live my life with my past being my future, just going out there and consistently playing some kind of nostalgia show,” he said. “I have to be able to walk on stage and say, ‘This is a song from my new album,’ or I can’t do it.”

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Posted by KGON'sider on September 11, 2009

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So, I’m sitting here at the amphitheater chillin in the shade, waiting for the festivities to begin. Gloria goes live at 5 and the KGON tent is ready to go outside the gates at 4pm. We have a pair of box seats to the show to give away and some cool KGON temporary tattoos too. If you swing around to the broadcast booth and say hi to Gloria and tell her that the KGON’sider is awesome, I will put you on the list to meet Def Leppard at 7pm. Get your butts out here to the amphitheater at Clark County and party with KGON!!

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Posted by Glynn Shannon on September 8, 2009

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First of all, let me make this perfectly clear (as Nixon used to say)….I didn’t write this! It’s written by a guy named Bob Lefsetz, and it’s a great read. Iris sent it to me when I was sick because she knows I’m such a huge Steely Dan fan….maybe you are too, maybe not…but like I said, it’s such a great read……and, it’s more than that…it’s us.


Never trust a surfer.
I was told that early in my tenure in Utah.

The surfers came from California. They were used to living on the beach. The only requirement for the sport was a board. They weren’t used to lift tickets, lodging, they’d steal you blind.

But the rest of us ski bums, growing up in the frigid northeast, were not much better. We might have thousands of dollars worth of ski equipment, but our bank accounts were empty, if we even had one. So when my sore throat persisted, I impersonated my friend Al at the University of Utah clinic, where I was told nothing was wrong, to just wait it out.

A week of skiing in Sun Valley and an inability to swallow had me dialing for dollars, to my dad, to ask him for money to see a real doctor, who did a more exhaustive test and told me I had mononucleosis. At 22? Wasn’t it a teenage kissing disease?

I became an expert on Johnny Carson. I continued to sleep on the couch. But when the season was over and my roommates moved on, I had to leave the City of Salt.

So I went to Odyssey Records on State Street, bought six cassettes, gassed up my car and headed east, to my homeland, Connecticut.

Should I be driving? OF COURSE NOT! But who was I going to leave my still almost brand new machine with? I just popped in one cassette after another, dashing downhill, to the Atlantic.

Steve Miller was pretty good. Nils Lofgren was disappointing. McCartney’s album wasn’t as good as the one from the summer before, they let Linda SING? But the album that got me through was…”Royal Scam”.

That’s what the cassette says. I’ve got it right here. Not “THE Royal Scam”, just “Royal Scam”. In a blue plastic box. Manufactured by GRT for ABC.

What’s worse, in an effort to save tape, i.e. money, the order of the songs was rearranged. I didn’t know until this week that “Don’t Take Me Alive” was on the first side. Or that the title track CONCLUDED the album, as opposed to side one.

There was one stretch, from Denver east. I could not find a place to crash. I’d been on the road for eleven, maybe twelve hours. I stopped at a gas station, the song emanating from my speakers was “Don’t Take Me Alive”.

“I’m a bookkeeper’s son
I don’t want to shoot no one”

The media shows bad boys. I was never a bad boy. I wasn’t a pencil-protector nerd, I was just…average, indistinct, like the protagonist in this song.

I played “Can’t Buy A Thrill” whenever I went to Nick’s dorm room.

I skipped “Countdown To Ecstasy”, but I eventually bought it and its follow-up, “Pretzel Logic”, from the Record Club of America. I didn’t know you could make records with so much surface noise. But ah, the music.

So I purchased “Katy Lied” when it came out. Unlike “Pretzel Logic”, it had no hits. But it did have “Your Gold Teeth II”. And “Bad Sneakers”.

“Bad sneakers and a Pina Colada
My friend
Stompin’ on the avenue
By Radio City with a
Transistor and a large
Sum of money to spend”

Sung so FAST, a blend of west coast alcohol with east coast sensibility. You bond not with the records with the hits, but the ones that seem to make little impact on the media, that you alone own, that make you feel if you could just meet their creators, you’d all be buddies, your life would be complete.

So I know every lick of “Royal Scam”. Albeit in incorrect order.

But I wasn’t expecting much last night. I was psyched for the second part of the show, when the album had been completed and the band let go.

But last night was different. Because of LARRY CARLTON!

We baby boomers revere our virtuosos. That’s what made Clapton God. Who’s God today? Some no-name producer laying down beats for a flavor of the moment “singer”? Honestly, Larry Carlton was a bit to the side, he was not a rocker, more of a jazzer, but we had a high opinion of anybody who could play. And after hearing Larry Carlton last night, I’ve got big respect for him!

It’s the same axe, the same instrument for everyone. But certain people can make it sing, can make you laugh and cry with what they extract. Larry’s not using effects, creating a wall of sound. Rather, he’s picking the notes, building to the point where our heads our exploding like the audience members given automobiles by the faux Oprah on “Saturday Night Live”. You should have heard him on “Third World Man”. He took us to a place that was familiar, but we’d forgotten existed. Where the notes of a guitar make us feel ecstatic, powerful and wistful, all at the same time.

But it wasn’t only about Larry. He brought the whole band up another notch. Not in proficiency, but ENERGY! Last night there was a heretofore unseen power. Like this was the greatest band in the world, and they wouldn’t be denied.

But isn’t the greatest rock and roll band in the world the Rolling Stones? That band that’s so uneven live that they specialize in mistakes?

Or maybe it’s U2, the kings of spectacle.

Or maybe Steely Dan isn’t rock and roll anyway.

What is rock and roll? Maybe a mind-set. Wherein those not beholden to a system test limits and their audience is liberated from everyday pressures and obligations. A music that isn’t constrained, not made to formula, but writes its own rule book.

Rules. That’s what we’ve got in the business today. And that’s why oldsters pooh-pooh the Top Forty crap. Where’s the innovation? Doesn’t anyone aspire to greatness?

One of the great things about being a Steely Dan fan is you don’t have to convince anyone. These shows are not a victory lap, an occasion for the press to fawn. The press is too busy writing its own obituary. Trying to appear up to the minute, fearful twentysomethings will eviscerate not only their business model, but their relevancy.

Once again, music exists outside the system.

If last night was a rent party, Steely Dan occupies some heavy real estate. But it was a party. With the feeling of those impromptu gatherings in the seventies. When you made a few phone calls, passed the word on the street, and people squeezed into an apartment where the music lubricated minds and feet, and for a few hours, you felt fully alive, like if you died tonight, you wouldn’t give a shit.

“It’s the light in my eyes
It’s perfection and grace
It’s the smile on my face”

Tonight we’re going to chase the dragon again. I’m sure the water will turn to cherry wine. A little birdie told me they’re going to do “Any Major Dude” from “Pretzel Logic”. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Maybe you can’t.

But if you’re a fan…

“I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do
You can try to run but you can’t hide from what’s inside of you”

We baby boomers have got the music inside of us. We can get iPhones, update our Facebook pages, but what truly gets us off is music. Spinning a record, going to the show. We enjoy the one hit wonders. But when we hear the legends, we’re returned to who we used to be. Suddenly, there are more doors open than shut. We still feel there are possibilities. Nothing the President, nothing Congress says can make us feel this way. Our bank accounts won’t keep us warm at night. But when we hear the music, we’re set free. With our brothers. The so-called Woodstock generation. Which realized that music truly could make a difference, truly could save the world. That musicians were not the tools of corporations, to play music and sing songs you wrote was the highest calling on earth. The music came first. The money was a result of the pursuit of greatness. Now it’s the reverse. But not for us.

Visit the archive:

If you would like to subscribe to the LefsetzLetter,…

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Posted by Iris Harrison on September 2, 2009

I had a call the other day while I was on the air from a listener who had been tuned in since day one and they asked if there was a formal history of KGON that had ever been written.  I wish I had been like Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, and kept a diary, but I didn’t.  The only written history I was ever aware of, was one that our friend Craig Adams put together, and he did it purely out of his curiosity and love for radio in Portland.  So, I reached out to him and he took all the notes that he had gathered from publications such as The Oregonian and The Columbian and filed documents available to the public, and he wrote it down again.  His first draft was online at one time, but since was deleted. 

One of the things that I’m not really sure about is the starting date.  For one thing I was not here at the time, and I had heard from listeners and air staff alike that it was on Feburary 13th, 1974.  The first song was “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles.  I’ll ask Bob Brooks what he remembers, since he was the first Program Director.

With all the love and respect, I say a big THANK YOU to Craig for getting this thing started.  Now, to go through those boxes of pictures, ticket stubs, and notes that may or may not have been kept to fill in the story.  That’s my task.  Plus, I’m posting this knowing full well that you, the reader, will be able to fill in some of the blanks, and flesh out the story as it continues.  You’ll notice that it stops at 2006 because that’s where Craig’s notes stopped when he first wrote it all down.  To even remember the last 4 years is going to be a struggle for me at times, but I’ll do what I can.

If you have anything you can add to the story, please email me!

So, here it is.  A work in progress and a moveable feast.  The history of KGON.


“This Is K-G-O-N Portland.  A radio station at 92.3 FM”


It all began on February 1, 1974 at 1:40pm when KGON signed on the air.  Norman Flint identified the new station “This is KGON Portland” and the song “Here Comes The Sun” began playing by The Beatles.  KGON studios were located in Clackamas at 15351 S.E. Johnson Rd.  It’s 100,000 watt transmitter was in Healy Heights at 4636 S.W. Council Crest Drive.  KGON call letter meaning: oreGON.  KGON, Inc. was owned by McCoy Broadcasting Co. (Arthur H. McCoy, President).  KGON’s preparation began in November 1973 when Bob Marx written presentation with Bob Brooks, sold the concept of an album format to management.  Then on January 24, 1974 it was announced KGON would begin on February 1st with “a distinctive rock ‘n’ roll format”.


KGON personnel included: Bob Brooks, Program Director;  Paul Hanson, News Director;  Mike Simon, Music Director;  Bob Marx, Production Director &  Bill Gott, Chief Engineer.  KGON slogan played on the first day voiced by Bob Brooks: “This is K-G-O-N Portland.  A radio station at 92.3 FM.”  Later KGON slogan: “More Than Rock.”


KGON First Full Day Line-up:

Bob Brooks & Paul Hanson – news, 6-10am.

Mike Simon, 10-noon.

Norman Flint, noon-4.

Bob Marx, 4-8pm.

Terry McDonald, 8-midnight.

Ed Hepp, midnight-6.

Weekends: Bill Cooper, 6-noon.

– Karen Voy (Terry McDonald’s wife).


On February 15, 1974 it was announced Craig McCoy had been named KGON Station Manager (Son of owner).  In April 1974 Jeff Clarke began doing the evening shift.  In June 1974 Mike Coley was added as Asst. Engineer.


June 1974 KGON Line-up:

Bob Marx & Paul Hanson – news, 6-10am.

Mike Simon, 10-noon.

Norman Flint, noon-4.

Bob Brooks, 4-7pm.

Jeff Clarke, 7-midnight.

Ed Hepp, midnight-6.


In late 1974 Jim Robinson began weekends.  In April 1975 Alan Lawson became Production Director & mid-days.  Slogan: “FM 92…..KGON.”


April 1975 KGON Line-up:

Bob Marx & Paul Hanson – news, 6-10am.

Mike Simon, 10-noon.

Alan Lawson, noon-4.

Jeff Clarke, 4-7pm

Jim Robinson, 7-midnight.

Ed Hepp, midnight-6.

Weekends: Lori King.


On July 17, 1975 it was announced that Craig McCoy had become KGON V.P. & General Manager.  In June 1976 Mike Turner became News Director.  By this time Mike Simon was on 10-3pm with Alan Lawson 3-7pm.  Weekends included Karen Tracy & Les Sarnoff was on 6-midnight on Sundays.  KGON slogan: “Get up in the FM.” (instead of “AM” radio mornings). 


June 1976 KGON Line-up:

Bob Marx & Mike Turner – news, 6-10am.

Mike Simon, 10-3pm.

Alan Lawson, 3-7pm.

Jeff Clarke, 4-7pm

Jim Robinson, 7-midnight.

Ed Hepp, midnight-6.

Weekends: Karen Tracy,

– Les Sarnoff, 6-midnight (Sun).



In Fall 1976 Gloria Johnson began weekends.  By December 1976 Mike Cooley was KGON Chief Engineer.  KGON’s format was described as “Album Rock.”  Slogan: “92 FM,  The Album Station.”


January 1977 KGON Line-up:

Alan Lawson & Mike Turner – news, 6-10am.

Ed Hepp, 10-3pm.

Jim Robinson, 3-7pm

Gloria Johnson, 7-midnight.

Ron Allen, midnight-6.

Weekends: Iris Harrison, Dick Sheetz, and Tudie Stewart.


By Summer 1977 Ron Allen was doing mornings with Mike Turner and Dick Sheetz was on weeknights, midnight-6.  By late October 1977 Jim Robinson was Program Director;  Mark Newel, Operations Manager & Music Director;  Norman Smith, Chief Engineer.


October 1977 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, mornings.

Mark Newel, mid-days.

Jim Robinson, afternoons.

Gloria Johnson, 7-midnight.

Dick Sheetz, midnight-6.

Weekends: Marty Party & Dennis Franklin.


On October 1, 1977 Marty & Iris were married after first meeting at KFMY Eugene in 1975. 


December 1977 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, mornings.

Dennis Franklin, mid-days.

Gloria Johnson & Chris Burns – news, 4-8pm.

Dick Sheetz, 8-midnight.

Sleepy John, midnight-6.

Weekends: Marty Party, mid-days.


In early January 1978 Bob Ancheta aka “The Big B.A.” began weekends.  On February 19, 1978 Craig McCoy became KGON President & General Manager.  On April 14, 1978 KGON’s license name changed to McCoy Broadcasting of Oregon, Inc.  In June 1978 Jerry Ostertag became Program Director, naming Gloria Johnson, Music Director  & Bob Ancheta, Production Manager.  Slogan: “We’re KGON…..Portland.”


June 1978 KGON Line-up: 

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, 6-10am.

Bob Ancheta, 10am-2pm.

Gloria Johnson & Chris Burns – news, 2-6pm.

Dick Sheetz, 6-midnight.

Sleepy John, midnight-6.

Weekends: Marty Party, mid-days.


By February 1979 George Beier was on midnight-6.  On April 8, 1979 it was announced that KGON was sold to Western-Sun, Inc. (The Des Moines Register & Tribune, newspaper).  FCC approval on 6-1-79.  KGON’s Album format was adjusted to a harder Rock stance, using consultant, Lee Abrams “Superstars” format.  Slogan: “KGON Rocks!”  Gloria Johnson became Asst. Program Director, as well as Music Director.  In Fall 1979 Chris Burns became News Director.


Late 1979 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Chris Burns – news, 6-10am.

Bob Ancheta, 10am-2pm.

Gloria Johnson & Robin Banks – news, 2-6pm.

Dick Sheetz, 6-10pm.

Dave Shult, 10pm-2am.

George Beier, 2-6am.

Weekends: Marty Party & Bob Schmidt.


On April 8, 1980 Larry Holtz became Chief Engineer.  On June 6, 1980 KGON began carrying programming from Westwood One.  In August 1980 Marty Party moved to weekdays 10-2pm and Robin Banks moved to morning news.  KGON slogan: “Non-Stop Rock.”  In Fall 1980 KGON issued “The KGON Album” featuring local groups.  On April 5, 1981 KGON added programming from ABC Radio.  On April 24, 1981 programming was added from NBC’s “The Source”.


April 1981 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Dave Shult – news, 6-10am.

Marty Party, 10am-2pm.

Gloria Johnson & Robin Banks – news, 2-6pm.

Dick Sheetz, 6-10pm.

George Beier, 10pm-2am.

Bob Schmidt, 2-6am.


By November 1981 Dave Van Dyke was Program Director and Inessa & D.B. Cooper were on weekends. 


April 1982 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, 6-10am.

Marty Party, 10am-2pm.

Gloria Johnson & Chris Burns – news, 2-6pm.

Dick Sheetz, 6-10pm.

Dave Shult, 10pm-2am.

Bob Schmidt, 2-6am.

Weekends: Inessa, Brad Dolbeer, Cary Carrigan.


On May 2, 1982 KGON switched from ABC to the ABC Rock Radio Network.  In October 1982 KGON released “The KGON Album 2 – Homegrown”.  In April 1983 Linn Harrison became Station Manager & General Sales Manager.  Also KGON’s “Superstars” album format was switched to Lee Abrams new “Rock of The 80’s” album format which featured more new music.  In August 1983 Inessa York became Music Director and was moved to mid-days.  Brad Dolbeer was moved to weekday mornings midnight-6. In September 1983 Dave Ervin became Program Director. Iris Harrison was officially “laid off” and told that there may be “other opportunities” to bring her back in the future.


December 1983 KGON Line-up:

“Clark & Kanner” (Dan Clark & Dave Kanner) mornings.

Inessa, mid-days.

Bob Ancheta, afternoons.

Marty Party, evenings.

Brad Dolbeer, midnight-6.


On December 31, 1983 KGON dropped “The Source” Network.  In January 1984 Linn Harrison became General Manager.  Also by this time the “Rock of the 80’s” format had been dropped and KGON went back to the current and classic based album rock they had been known for.  In April 1984 Iris Harrison returned as a weekender including doing a 6 hour “oldies” show on Sunday morning.  There was no other oldies station in Portland at this point.  Paul Tilton was hired as a weekender also in 1984.


On July 1, 1984 KGON dropped the ABC Rock Radio Network. 

 By December 1984 Linn Harrison was KGON President.  Slogans: “Portland’s Home of Rock & Roll.” “Solid Rock on 92-FM, KGON.”  


 On July 1, 1985 KGON was sold to Ackerley Communications, Inc. (Barry A. Ackerley, President;  Donald Carter, Executive V.P.).  Dan Hern became V.P. & General Manager;  Peter Bolger, Operations Manager & Program Director.


After outside research was conducted, Iris Harrison and Mike Turner were returned to mornings.


Spring 1986 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, mornings.

K.C. McCoy, mid-days.

Inessa, afternoons.

Marty Party, evenings.

Brad Dolbeer, overnights.


Weekends-Paul Tilton.


In Spring of 1986, KGON’s Marketing and Sales Departments took clients on a golfing trip to Las Vegas at the Dunes.  Along with the morning show of Iris and Turner, celebrities on the trip included past and present Portland Trail Blazers, along with a rookie in the NBA, Michael Jordan. 


In Spring 1987 Allen Wolf began weekends. 


 In Fall 1987 Iris Harrison became Operations Manager & Program Director.  Also in Fall 1987 Brad Dolbeer was moved to mid-days.  On November 4, 1987 the Portland City Council approved KGON’s plans to build a new tower. 


November 1987, KGON’s “Ultimate Choice” to win a dream car was conducted on the air.  The winner had a choice of a 911 Porsche, a Jaguar XJS, or a Mercedes 300E.  Listeners were given a chance to win a key to the box that held the keys to the 3 cars.  After the key winners were verified, the Ultimate Choice final was held at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall where the three cars were on display.  The winner chose the Porsche.  From what we heard later, it was sold to pay for schooling.  Most of the Porsches won from KGON were not kept for various reasons.



In Winter 1988 The Big B.A. began evenings.  On February 1, 1988 KGON added programming from Premiere Radio Networks.


February 1987 KGON celebrated their 13th birthday at the Benson Hotel with music from Terry Robb and Curtis Salgado and the Stilettos. 


Winter 1988 KGON Line-up:

Iris Harrison & Mike Turner – news, mornings.

Brad Dolbeer, mid-days.

Marty Party, afternoons.

The Big B.A., evenings.

Robin Banks, overnights.

Weekends: Joe Cassavetti, Tim Underwood, Mike Everhart, Chris Adams (aka Bob Schmidt from earlier at the station)


In late April 1988 KGON moved studios to the Johns Landing area of Portland (4614 S.W. Kelly Ave.; 7,300 square feet of building space).  In May 1988 Jon Robbins became Program Director, making Bob Ancheta Asst. Program Director & Music Director.  In June 1988 Donald Carter became President of Ackerley.  Also in 1988 Bill Prescott began afternoons.  On June 4, 1988 the “KGON Fireworks Spectacular” took place during Rose Festival.  It was the largest display in Oregon, taking place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park near the Hawthorne Bridge.  In March 1989 Karen Tracy began morning as KGON’s first traffic reporter, plus weekend D.J.  Slogan: Portland’s Best Rock, and More of It.


On May 14th, 1988, Iris and Turner hosted a trip of listeners to New York City for the 40th Anniversary of Atlantic Records Concert at Madison Square Garden.  The 13 hour show included such acts as The Rascals, Iron Butterfly, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the surviving members of Led Zeppelin. Other notable performers included Yes, Genesis, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Foreigner, Paul Rodgers, Bob Geldof, Booker T. Jones, Wilson Pickett, The Coasters, The Spinners, Peabo Bryson, Dan Aykroyd, Roberta Flack, Manhattan Transfer, The Bee Gees, Ben E. King and Vanilla Fudge.  Lodging for the morning show and their listeners were in a hotel across the street from the World Trade Center towers.


March 1989 KGON Line-up:

“The Dangerous Breakfast” (Iris Harrison)

– Mike Turner – news; Karen Tracy – traffic, 5-10am.

Marty Party, 10-3pm.

Bill Prescott, 3-7pm.

“The Big B.A.”, 7-midnight.

Robin Banks, midnight-5.

Weekends: Karen Tracy.


In May 1989 Bill Prescott moved to mornings with Iris Harrison, Mike Turner & Karen Tracy, known as “Iris & Prescott”.  On  June 2, 1989 the $25,000. “KGON Fireworks Spectacular” was once again at Waterfront Park.  In August 1989 Dave Numme Began Afternoon Drive. 


August 1989 KGON Line-up:

“Iris & Prescott” (Iris Harrison & Bill Prescott)

– Mike Turner – news; Karen Tracy – traffic, 5-10am.

Marty Party, 10-3pm.

Dave Numme, 3-7pm.

“The Big B.A.”, 7-midnight.

Robin Banks, midnight-5.

Weekends: Karen Tracy.



On September 25, 1989 KGON’s Iris Harrison & Mike Turner were among a group which included Mayor Bud Clark appearing at Pioneer Courthouse Square for the American Library Association’s, banned books with “An Uncensored Celebration.”


On October 6, 1989 KGON purchased property at 4700 S.W. Council Crest Drive for $470,000.  On November 18, 1989 ground breaking took place on the 603 foot “KGON Tower.  Designed by Barkshire, Inc. of Seattle, it was the first of it’s kind in the nation for size and design.  Built by Seacoma Construction Co. of Seattle at a cost of some $3.5 Million.  It has 1.8 million pounds of steel and 4.8 million pounds of concrete pumped into the hollow legs.  On December 1, 1989 KGON dropped Premiere Radio Networks.


On December 23, 1989 KGON sponsored “Christmas With Curtis & The Blades” at Starry Night with Curtis Salgado & The Stilettos. A benefit concert to provide toys and food for area families.  On January 5, 1990 it was reported only as rumor, that KGON was thinking of installing a restaurant, half way up the KGON Tower. 


March 1990 Marty Party broadcasted live from The Bahamas.


 On June 1, 1990 the “KGON/Japanese Friendship Fireworks Spectacular” took place at Waterfront Park, between the Alexis Hotel & Morrison Bridge.  It was Oregon’s largest fireworks display ever, using 4,400 shells.  This was about five times the size of previous displays and cost $250,000. 


In August 1990 the “KGON Tower” became operational.  The Jampro JTC-3 antenna is 98 feet long and weighs more than 20,000 pounds.  The Tower can support wind gusts up to 135 MPH.  KGON’s two transmitters are Broadcast Electronics FM35B’s.  Also in August 1990 Jeff Mitchell began weekends.  On October 8, 1990 Dave Scott & Tom Turner began mornings on KGON as “Dave & Tom”.  Tim Underwood was the morning newsman, and Iris Harrison moved to late mornings.  Mike Turner took on the Program  Director duties for newly formed sister station, Sports Talk, The Fan.


On May 31, 1991 the second annual “KGON/Japanese Friendship Fireworks Spectacular” took place at Waterfront Park.  In June 1991 Steve Feder became V.P. & General Manager and shortly after that, Dick Sheetz became Program Director. 


Sometime in the Summer of 1991, KGON’s Float Down the Clackamas was held.  Listeners who registered would start the float at McIver Park and floated down to Clackamette park where the Clackamas River flows into the Willamette.  A party featuring food and live music was featured at the end of the “float.”


 On July 7, 1991 KGON’s public affairs program “Metroscope” presented a documentary on Diane Downs,  finishing with part two on July 14th.  KGON broadcast live from Curtis Salgado home September 1, 1991 during the Sunday Night Blues Show with Curtis Salgado & The Stilettos. 


September 1991 KGON Line-up:

“Dave & Tom” (Dave Scott & Tom Turner) Jeff Mitchell – news 5-9am.

Iris Harrison, 9am-1pm.

Dick Sheetz, 1-3pm.

“The Big B.A.” 3-7pm.

Marty Party, 7-midnight.

Terry Adams, midnight-5.

Weekends: Jeff Mitchell, “Billy The Janitor”, Teresa Knight,

– Robin Banks & Jerome Fischer.


On February 29, 1992 KGON celebrated its 18th birthday at the Roseland Theater with Atlanta’s Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ and the local band Dirty Rhythm.  The $3.92 tickets sold out in just 10 days.  In April 1992 Karel Kerezman began board-op weekends.  On May 30, 1992 KGON presented with The Oregonian “Spinal Tap” in concert at Civic Auditorium.  By June 1992 traffic reports were called: “KGON Rock & Roll Traffic Control.”  By this time K.C. Caldwell was doing KGON traffic.  K.C. had done KGON fill-in traffic back to 1991.  KGON slogan: “Year of 92-FM.” 


On June 11, 1992 Roy Disney (great nephew of the late Walt Disney) signed a letter of intent to purchase KGON under the name Apogee Communications, Inc. (Roy P. Disney, 100% shareholder, sole director, President, CEO & CFO).  Ackerley would retain the KGON Tower, but KGON would retain a 99 year lease on the site.  On September 1, 1992 KGON dropped Westwood One. 


On September 25, 1992 Apogee officially took control of KGON.  Jim Johnson became KGON President & General Manager.  Dick Sheetz was named Operations Manager, as well as continuing as Program Director.  “The KGON Tower” officially became known as “The Ackerley Tower.”  In October 1992 KGON changed to a Classic Rock format.  Slogans: “And now another long set of Classic Rock on 92.3 KGON.”  “The Classic Rock Station.”


In late 1992 KGON issued it’s first CD album: “KGON Future Classics”.  In April 1993 “Billy The Janitor” began the weekend program “Dawn of The Dead” featuring music from The Grateful Dead.  By this time KGON had added programming from the ABC Radio Networks once again. 


On June 1, 1993 KGON debuted live via satellite from KLOS Los Angeles the morning show “Mark & Brian” (Mark Thompson & Brian Phelps).  A first for the duo and for Portland Radio.  KLOS had debuted “Mark & Brian” in September 1987.  During Mark & Brian on KGON, Jeff Mitchell did local hosting & morning news & K.C. Caldwell did traffic reports.  In July 1993 K.C. Caldwell was hired full time and added traffic on B.A.’s afternoon drive show.  By September 1993 Mike Turner returned with local hosting & news for Mark & Brian.  


September 1993 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news; K.C. Caldwell – traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10am-3pm.

“The Big B.A.” 3-7pm. K.C. Caldwell – traffic

Marty Party, 7-midnight.

Terry Adams, midnight-5.

Weekends: Jeff Mitchell, “Billy The Janitor”,

– Teresa Knight, Robin Banks & Jerome Fischer.


On November 18, 1993 “Mark & Brian” brought their show to Portland’s seawall.  Among the many things that happened during their morning mayhem, was KGON owner Roy Disney’s plunge from the deck of the Columbia Gorge sternwheeler into the chilly Willamette.  On January 27, 1994 KGON’s auxiliary short wave station KPM556 was licensed.  This was the first of it’s kind in Portland.  The 100 watt station broadcast intercom cues and audio programs to personnel at remote broadcasts.  KPM556’s main frequency was 25950kHz, broadcasting from the Ackerley Tower.   In early 1994 Bob Brooks became KGON Production Manager.


In February 1994 John Perry & Concert Dave began co-hosting “Dawn of The Dead”. Also in Feburary of 1994, KGON celebrated their 20th Birthday with a party featuring the reunion of local band Rising Tide, Jefferson Starship, and George Carlin. Mark and Brian were the MC’s of the event. Also in early 1994 K.C. Caldwell began co-hosting afternoons with Bob Ancheta as “The Big B.A. & K.C.”   KGON slogans: “Portland’s Classic Rock for 20 Years.” “Music that stands the test of time.  Classic Rock 92.3 KGON.” “The station that made the Classics, Classic.”  In 1994 KGON presented a 4th of July fireworks display along the Willamette River.  On September 16, 1994 KGON presented one of their 92 Cent concerts at Bojangles with the group Bloodline.  In early November 1994 Mike Johnson became part-time Asst. Engineer. 


On November 11, 1994 “Mark & Brian” did their 3rd live broadcast from Portland.  This time from KGON studios and later they hosted a Listener Talent Show at Harvey’s Comedy Club.  Then on November 12th “Mark & Brian” hosted a free morning movie matinee at the Oak Grove Cinema 8.  On February 1, 1995 Mike Johnson was hired full-time as Asst. Engineer.  On February 26, 1995 KGON celebrated its 21st anniversary with a Cheap Trick concert at the downtown Marriott.  1,800 tickets were snatched up quickly. 


On April 19, 1995 it was announced that KGON was sold to ECI License Co., L.P. (group owner: Entertainment Communications, Inc., Joseph M. Field, President;  David J. Field, CFO & Senior V.P.).  Agreement entered on 4-7-95.  FCC approval on 6-19-95. Consummated on 8-31-95.  Scotty Brink became Program Director.  By July 1995 KGON had launched its website, designed by Lori Shannon.  The KGON E-Mail Club had already signed up over 200 members.  On October 13, 1995 “Mark & Brian” were back with several hundred listeners “live” at the new Rose Garden arena for their morning show, to celebrate the new home of The Portland Trail Blazers.  On October 16, 1995 Bob Harlow became Program Director.


October 1995 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news; K.C. Caldwell – traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-3pm.

“The Big B.A. & K.C.” 3-7pm.

Marty Party, 7-midnight.

John Perry, midnight-5.

Weekends: Jeff Adams, Melissa Marks,

– Concert Dave, Karel Kerezman – board-op.

Imaging voice: Mark Mauer.


In January 1996 Tom Baker became V.P. & Market Manager.  On February 9, 1996 KGON celebrated its 22nd birthday party at the Roseland Theater with a concert.  Headlining were: Blue Oyster Cult.  On July 15, 1996 Bob Brooks began afternoon drive on KGON and continued as Production Manager.  Also Mary Thompson became Music Director and on weekends 10-2am.  By September 1996 KGON slogans:” Portland’s Real Classic Rock” “Maximum Music, minimum repetition, 92.3 KGON.” “We play the best Rock ever recorded, Classic Rock.”  By this time KGON had affiliated with CBS/Westwood One.  On October 13, 1996 The Rose Quarter celebrated its first anniversary with a concert by The Who.  KGON gave away tickets on the air and to say lines were jammed was an understatement!  By November 1996 weekenders were added, with the return of Paul Tilton, and Mark Neumann.  Also hired were Loren Stevenson and Jeff Adams.



April 1997 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Bob Brooks, 2-6pm.

Marty Party, 6-10pm.

Mary Thompson, 10pm-2am.

John Perry (4 days), Melissa Marks (3 days), 2-5am.

Weekends: Jeff Mitchell, Mark Neumann, Concert Dave,

– Paul Tilton, Ken O’Brien, Jeff Adams & Steve Taylor – board-op.


In mid May 1997 Mike Johnson became Asst. Chief Engineer.  In Summer 1997 Mark Davis began Weekends.  On November 13, 1997 “Mark & Brian” appeared at the Beaverton Tower Records to promote their charity double-CD “You Had To Be There”  A collection of their skits and in-studio musical performances.  They shook hands with listeners and signed autographs.  On November 14th they did the same at the Crystal Ballroom.   


In late 1997 John Perry moved to the 10pm-2am time slot and Paul Tilton began 2-5am. 


 In mid May 1998 KGON studios moved to The Bancroft Building (0700 S.W. Bancroft St.).  By this time Steve Taylor & Jeff Adams shared the 2-5am shift.  4 days & 3 days respectively. On July 2, 1998 KGON owner Entertainment Communications, Inc. became Entercom Communications Corp.  On July 16, 1998 Bonnie Knox became KGON Music Director and on air late evenings.


September 1998 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Bob Brooks, 2-6pm.

Marty Party, 6-10pm.

Bonnie Knox, 10pm-2am.

John Perry, 2-5am.

Weekends: Glynn Shannon, Jeff Mitchell, Paul Tilton, 

– Steve Taylor, Ken O’Brien, Concert Dave.


On September 28, 1998 David J. Field became President of Entercom.  By January 1999 KGON license name changed to Entercom Portland License, LLC.  In April 1999 Brien Morris aka “Chopper Boy” began afternoon traffic on KGON.   On July 6, 1999 The Ackerley Tower (originally named The KGON Tower) was sold for $2.3 Million to Stonehenge Towers LLC, of Seattle.  The structure name changed to The Stonehenge Tower.  By October 1999 Jeff Adams was on 2-5am.  New weekenders were added: Mark Vodka & Mark Davis.


In October 1999, Iris Harrison broadcasted live from Abbey Road Studios in London to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the release of The Beatles album “Abbey Road.”  Interviews at the event included Yoko Ono, Chrissie Hynde, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Paul Simonen of The Clash, Michael McDonald, Jack Bruce, Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone of The Zombies, Greg Kihn, Ian Paice of Deep Purple, Asia, Peter Green, Bill Wyman, and many more.


October 1999 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Bob Brooks, 2-6pm. Brien Morris – traffic.

Marty Party, 6-10pm.

Bonnie Knox (Music Director), 10pm-2am.

Jeff Adams, 2-5am.

Weekends: Glynn Shannon, Jeff Mitchell, 

– Steve Taylor, Ken O’Brien, Mark Vodka,

– Mark Davis, Paul Tilton, John Perry,

– Concert Dave.


On November 12, 1999 Jack Hutchison became V.P. & Market Manager.  In January 2000 Mike Johnson became Senior Chief Engineer, Studio Systems and Gary Hilliard became Senior Chief Engineer, Transmitter Systems.  On January 31, 2000 Glynn Shannon moved to weekday afternoons.  In March 2000 Jeff Mitchell moved to weekday mornings 2-5am.


March 2000 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Glynn Shannon, 2-6pm. Brien Morris – traffic.

Marty Party, 6-10pm.

Bonnie Knox, 10pm-2am.

Jeff Mitchell, 2-5am.

Weekends:  Steve Taylor, Ken O’Brien,

– Mark Davis, Paul Tilton, Mark Vodka,

– John Perry, Jeff Adams, Concert Dave.


On June 3, 2000 The KGON Float appeared in the Starlight Parade.  On board were KGON Air Personalities.  The KGON Float [#67] Won Third Place in the Commercial Floats category.  


 On October 9, 2000 Dick Sheetz passed away at age 47 in Orlando FL. 


 In February 2001 Jeff Clarke began weekends.  In April 2001 Marty Party moved to afternoons and Bill Prescott took over the 6-10pm slot.  On June 2, 2001 KGON once again appeared in the Starlight Parade with Air Personalities.  The KGON Float was [#18] in the parade.  Also in 2001 Iris Harrison became KGON Asst. Program Director.  In late 2001 Bob Brooks began his “The Night Shift” program on 10pm-5am.

March 17, 2001 KGON celebrates St. Patrick’s Day at Kells.

September 7th, 2001 the first KGON Classic Rock at the Waterfront featuring The Guess Who (including original members Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings), and The Steve Miller Band is held at Waterfront Park in the bowl in front of the Marriott.  Estimated crowd size is 20,000 including boats filling the river by the park. 


KGON’s Workforce Payroll launched in late September of 2001, ending the week before the annual Kidsgiving Auction on November 15th & 16th.  One of the special Workforce Payroll prizes was a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico with Iris Harrison to play in Alaska Airlines “Flash and Dash,” a Polaroid type of scavenger hunt. 

December 2001 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Marty Party, 2-6pm. Brien Morris (Chopper Boy) – traffic.

Bill Prescott, 6-10pm.

“The Night Shift” Bob brooks 10pm-5am.

Weekends: Jeff Clarke, Steve Taylor,

– Paul Tilton, Mark Vodka, Jeff Adams, Concert Dave.


In April 2002 Kris Riley began weekends.  By June 2002 John Perry was on 6-midnight & Mark Neumann was back on weekends. 


In September 2002 KGON hosted “Classic Rock at the Waterfront” featuring Pat Benatar and Grand Funk Railroad. 


 On October 1, 2002 Gary Hilliard became Director of Engineering. 


 In January 2003 Gloria Johnson started the 6-10pm shift.  Also in 2003 Concert Dave began solo-hosting “Dawn of The Dead” and KGON added programming from the United Stations Radio Network.  April 2003, KGON presented The Sons of Champlin in concert.  By June 2003 Jon Perry was on 10pm-2am.  Tom Turner & Suzanne Tyler were added to weekends.  On August 1, 2003 KGON presented Grand Funk Railroad on the Columbian Concert stage at The Clark County Fair.  On August 5, 2003 KGON sponsored George Thorogood & The Destroyers also at The Clark County Fair.  


June 2003 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Marty Party, 2-6pm. Brien Morris (Chopper Boy) – traffic.

Gloria Johnson, 6-10pm.

John Perry, 10pm-2am.

“The Night Shift” Bob brooks 2-5am.

Weekends: Tom Turner, Kris Riley, Steve Taylor, Paul Tilton,

– Mark Vodka, Mark Davis, Suzanne Tyler, Concert Dave.


In September 2003 KGON hosted “Classic Rock at the Waterfront” featuring Foghat and The Doobie Brothers.  Mark and Brian were on hand for the MC duties.


On September 5, 2003 Erin Hubert became V.P. & General Manager of KGON.  By October 2003 Jeff Williams & David Martin were on weekends.  November 13-14, 2003 were the dates of KGON’s annual Kidsgiving on air auction for local children’s charities. 


January 5-9, 2004 Portland was under heavy snow and ice, and several staff members were housed at the nearby Avalon Hotel to do double duty.


February 2004 KGON celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a concert from Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Roseland Theater. On March 15, 2004 Clark Ryan became V.P. of FM Operations, Entercom Portland & KGON Program Director.  In June 2004 Shel Bailey began weekends.  By July 2004 Glynn Shannon was on weekends 10am-3pm.  On August 2, 2004 Kent Randles became KGON Senior Engineer. 


On October 6, 2004 at about 12:30pm KGON became the first station in Oregon to test hybrid IBOC digital operation. On October 14, 2004 KGON was granted by the FCC “Special Temporary Authority” for H.D. operation with 1,000 watts of power.  On October 21, 2004 KGON became the first station in Oregon to broadcast in H.D. full-time.  Broadcast Electronics H.D. transmitter.  The annual “Kidsgiving Auction” to raise money for local children’s charities was held November 18 & 19th, 2004.



 On March 14, 2005 Glynn Shannon returned to KGON afternoons.  Slogan: “92.3 KGON, The Classic Rock Station.”


March 2005 KGON Line-up:

“Mark & Brian” Mike Turner – news & traffic, 5-10am.

Iris Harrison, 10-2pm.

Glynn Shannon, 2-7pm. Brien Morris (Chopper Boy) – traffic.

Marty Party, 7-midnight.

“The Night Shift” Bob Brooks, midnight-5. 


– Chad Hamilton (Sat) 10am-2pm. 

– Joey Randall (Sun) 10-3pm.

– Mark Davis (Sun) 3-7pm.

– Jeff Mitchell (Sat) 2-7pm.

– Concert Dave (Sun) 8am. 

– Mark Vodka, Shel Bailey,

– Jeff Williams.


On July 4, 2005 the KGON House Band played at Vancouver National Historic Reserve.  Fireworks from Fort Vancouver began at 10:10pm with video presentation by KGW-TV and KGON providing a synchronized music broadcast for Radio & TV.  On August 7, 2005 KGON presented on the Fountain Stage of The Bite, headlining, a rare appearance of John Kay & Steppenwolf in concert.  Opening artists were Jon Koonce’s Oregon All-Stars and The Alan Hager Band.  On August 12, 2005 KGON’s “Blues Bash” at The Bite featured: Janiva Magness, David Vest & The Willing Victims, Bill Rhoades & The Party Kings and The Rose City Kings. 


November 1st, 2005, The Rolling Stones played in Portland’s Rose Garden Arena.  November 4th, Paul McCartney also performed at the Rose Garden Arena.  On November 12, 2005 Gloria Johnson began Saturdays 10am-2pm & Sundays 11am-3pm.  Chad Hamilton moved to Sundays 3-7pm. 


 On February 16, 2006 KGON-HD2 began operation at 3:11pm.  In March 2006 Cyn Bolsta was added to KGON weekends.  On August 6, 2006 KGON presented 38 Special in concert at The Clark County Fair.  On August 8, 2006 KGON presented Alice Cooper in concert at The Clark County Fair.  On August 11, 2006 KGON presented the Fountain Stage at The Bite. 


November 15th, 2006, Iris Harrison underwent surgery for uterine cancer.  Gloria Johnson filled in during the mid-day shift during her absence for the rest of the year.


January 2007, KGON on air line up

Morning-Mark and Brian, Mike Turner, News and Traffic

10am-2pm-Iris Harrison

2pm-7pm-Glynn Shannon

7pm-Midnight-Marty Party

Midnight-5am-Bob Brooks

Weekends-Gloria Johnson, Jeff Mitchell, Concert Dave, David Martin


Clark Ryan-PD, Bonnie Knox-MD, Marketing Manager-Liz Kay, Promotions-Amy Linford


November 2007, “Iris Gives Back” event held at Outback Steakhouse in Tualatin to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Association featuring the music of Conroy-DeBrie, and a silent auction.


January 31st, 2008 KGON A to Z begins on air, and ends on February 13th.  March 2008 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performs at the Rose Garden Arena. Marty Party broadcasts live from the Rose Room inside the Arena.  One lucky winner was brought backstage to meet Little Steven Van Zant and “Get Schooled” before the show.  Sunday, June 1st, KGON presented Rush at the Amphitheater at Clark County.  June 30th, Billy Idol played at Edgefield.  July 8th, 2008, KGON presented Lynyrd Skynyrd at Edgefield.  July 11th, 2008, The Police played at The Amphitheater at Clark County.  July 20, 2008 Ringo and the All Starr Band played at Edgefield.  July 23rd, KGON presented George Thorogood and Buddy Guy at the Oregon Gardens.  July 24th, Derek Trucks played live on Glynn Shannon’s show.  August 7, KGON presented The Doobie Brothers at the Oregon Garden.  Sunday, August 17th, Iris Harrison hosted the KGON Harley Giveaway at Paradise Harley Davidson. 





Stay tuned. More to come.


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Posted by Iris Harrison on September 1, 2009

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I’ve been a fan of horn players since I dated one in high school.  He played trumpet.  So I was drawn to bands like Chicago, Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Sons of Champlin, Chase, etc.  As Mic Gillette, the most amazing horn player of all says…”Brass Kicks Ass.” 

crazy8dannyThis is one of the reasons I love The 8’s.  Also the fact that they were brilliant with their lyrics, they bonded in college, and they captured the heart of the Northwest with a very original style…sort of a rock/ska/jam thing.  You could probably add more genres in there, but I just call them original.  They even made the list of the KGON Top 923 for a few years.  I miss that list, but I do love the A to Z countdown.  Maybe this year we should add Naked Party.  Or would someone ask for it during Connect the Classics when I get to a dreaded “N?”

They rocked the Crystal.  Boy did they ever.  Funkadelic Mayhem opened, and they were fantastic.  Then they joined the band for the opening of the show.  WOW!  It was so cool to see that many horns on stage.  I lost Marty during the opening because I’m short and went down to the front to get close and see as much as I could, and then later on when I found him again…about 5 songs into the set, we both just looked at each other and said “Can you believe that opening???”  Yeah, it rocked.

Thanks for the show guys.  Keep doing them.  I’m so happy to be “Nervous in Suburbia” just waiting for the chance to dance to you again.

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After being pretty sick the last 11 or 12 days,  this is the first thing that came to mind!

“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger”   Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s good to be back……

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